Welcome to the world of the digital healthcare ecosystem

We are creating a decentralized data ecosystem to improve the global health economy

Built in strict accordance with European laws and regulations on the protection, storage, and transmission of medical data, the online platform Suntri Health, using a digital ID, provides the user with full access and control of their medical data, a safe and standardized level of exchange of these data, with the possibility of providing different access levels to other users.

A decentralized information ecosystem project aimed at all interested participants in the healthcare industry - from patients to doctors and pharmacists, providers of services for payers, researchers and technicians, clinics and doctors - Suntri Health is a technological breakthrough in the global healthcare market.

We achieve this by combining market-proven standards-based interoperability (AI, Healthcare Enterprise Integration) and innovative virtual Suntri operating system.

Suntri Health launched a successful pilot project in Ukraine and owns a medical information system https://askep.net»

Q3 2020 also plans to launch a Suntri Health pilot project in Africa and Europe.

According to a new Global Market Insights report, by 2025 the digital healthcare market will exceed $504.4 billion.


To accelerate healthcare industry transformation using machine intelligence and blockchain technology, to enable people to live a better and safer life.

CEO, Suntri London, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur and Medical Doctor Mr Zhalovaga brings 20 years’ experience in IT, Pharmaceutical, NGO and Medical industries as CEO, Director, Global Project Manager, has extensive experience in managing global projects ( in Bayer (more than 110,000 people), Pfizer (more than 116,000 people) and teams focusing on people management, processes right targets and results.